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News and Reviews for Huffman & Phelps Tax Service
The IRS NEVER contact you by email. If you do get an email saying its from the IRS do not open it, forward it to
Attended the grand opening today. I could tell these ladies take their business seriously. Very professional and friendly atmosphere. Highly recommend them for your tax preparation!

Christine Morris
Chester, VA
What Our Customers are saying...
Excellent customer service and wonderful experience :) very affordable too!!!! Glad Dinwiddie has such a great business in the community!!!

Lisa Hawkins
Dinwiddie, VA 
Wonderful team of smart women running this Tax Office!! 

Sheila Hazen
Dinwiddie, VA
What's New!    
You may receive one of the following forms regarding health insurance: Here's what they mean:

    Form 1095-C: Your employer may provide this form to you and the IRS if you participate in  employer sponsored health plan.
    Form 1095-B: Private insurers & self-funded plans may provide each policyholder & IRS with information summarizing coverage provided.
    Form 1095-A: If you purchased insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace you should receive this form, which will detail your coverage-effective date, amount of premium & the advanced premium tax credit.
  • The 1040 Tax Form has been revised again.There is a new form 1040SR for Seniors.There is still no longer a 1040A or 1040EZ form. 
  • For the 2019 Tax season, there will be no penailties for not having Health insurance. 
  • Child Tax Credit remains at up to $2000 per qualifing child. 
  • Standard Deductions have increased:S/MFS = $12,200 HOH = $18,350MFJ/QW = $24,400
  • Effiective 1/1/2019, Alimony is no longer deductible to the payer and is no longer taxable to the payee for divorces or seperations executed on or after that date.
 We know that the tax filing process can sometimes be overwhelming and that theTax Cuts and Jobs Act could potentially further complicate the process. 

Be Assured, we are here to help you navigate through these changes.